Hiatus and Return

Remarkable how much time has passed since my last blog entry; the reasons for the lapse were severalfold, including life simply getting in the way. So once again I pick up this blog and take a few tentative steps to see the Muse of paper and ink comes forth to sustain this endeavor. 

Interesting really to look back at previous entries, those enthusiastic, yet largely cringeworthy accounts of early dabbling with paper and pens and see how my interests have since evolved. Much changed over the ensuing years, but there remain a few constants such as my habit of near-microscopic penmanship and my enduring, almost visceral, dislike of Moleskine.   

Two evolutions of note are the discovery of Hobinichi Techos in late 2015, which have since become my go-to books for nearly all of my journaling/diary keeping needs. I could (and probably will) write volumes about the wonders of Hobonichi and that glorious Tomoe River paper. 

The second and perhaps more exciting of the evolutions has been that FINALLY after all these years…..

*dramatic pause*

….I’ve fallen headlong into the wonderful world of fountain pens. This has been the most intriguing and rewarding of endeavors and quite the departure from my initial assessment. Years ago I wrote of my early frustrations with fountain pens and how I was unable to find nibs small enough to be compatible with my penmanship, which relegated me to being a bitter spectator on the sidelines. But with research, experimentation, and practice, I’m now deeply immersed in the fountain pen and ink thing and am greatly enjoying the experience. Nearly all of my fountain pens are Japanese, with most having EF nibs, with a couple F thrown in for good measure. But such are topics for another time.

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