For over 20 years journal-keeping, in one form or another, has been for me an ongoing endeavor. I’ve experimented with different forms of the art, some of which I’ve fine-tuned and incorporated into my daily routine; though trial and error other methods proved more of the latter and didn’t survive beyond the experimental stage. The result of these processes has been an ecclectic mix of daily journals of varying forms and purposes, travel journals, research field notebooks, among others, most care-worn from use, crowding the drawers of a filing cabinet at home.

Methods and processes evolved over time as did the tools -notebooks and pens- which in many ways became a parallel yet related quest of its own. The Grail, the perfect pen and notebook pairing, remains to this day elusive, which I suppose is as it should be. For the devout notebook and pen person, the hunt for the tools of the art comprises much of the fun; discovery of perfection would somehow lessen the endeavor as curious as that may appear to the uninitiated.

Reflective of the long history of experimentation and study, Fine Points will be an evolving project; what I perceive as workable content and focus may along the way prove less so necessitating adjustments in its course over time. As the time of this writing I foresee this website to become a resource of sorts for those with an interest in pen, notebooks, and journal-keeing generally. Pen and notebook reviews, thoughts on appropriate pairing of the tools, reflections and examples of journaling methods: these are but a few of the topics in store as this site develops.  Feedback is of course very welome.

Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Daily journal-keeping for twenty years *is* quite impressive. Though I can claim 26 years I’ve certainly not been as consistent, nor the notebooks but those from the past eleven years still in my possession. Can’t seem to confine myself to one brand of notebook, but like you I’m still searching for the ever-elusive perfect writing implement. 🙂

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